Friday, May 25, 2018

summer air travel


Summer is almost here. You might travel to somewhere in the world on an airplane. Here are some of my favorites.

Airbus A380

Airbus A350
Boeing 777 300ER
Boeing 747400

Boeing 787 9

Here are some of my favorite airlines

Qatar airways
Etihad airways

British airways
Srilankan airlines

I think you might travel on one of these air planes this summer and these airlines. If you choose one of these airplanes and these airlines. For a long haul flight you should take the 380 because it has more comfort and power to take you all over the world. Other planes are good also and they can take you all over the world.

(photos included under terms of fair use)

Legalizing Marijuana

Racism and marijuana

Their is a stereotype consider marijuana as a black people problem, actually more white people take marijuana. The report found that in drug cases, Black people spend two-thirds more time behind bars than white people. drug enforcement in Florida treats Black people much more severely than white people. Are you surprised? Maybe. Am I surprised? Not at all. I don't need to be a grown up to see that black people are targeted as drug addicts. As The Huffington Post reports, even though white and black drug use in America is roughly the same, black Americans are 13 times more likely to be arrested for buying, selling or using drugs than white Americans.

Pot vs other drugs and alcohol

Pot is much worse than alcohol and tobacco. Or is it? Well, the answer Pot is much less harmful. Alcohol is legal and so is tobacco. That is unfair here is why. First off Tobacco causes 480,000 deaths per year and is legal. Alcohol use led to 88,000 deaths this year and 2.5 million years of potential life lost (YPLL). Legal. Pot has never claimed anybody's life and it is illegal. (Says the American Drug Enforcement Administration.) Also, Pot unrightfully much more feared by many because it is considered a “Drug”. That name will scare people a lot. But it is not nearly as terrible as other Drugs that cause much more deaths and are much more harmful. Some of these Drugs include Xanax, Fentanyl, Heroin, and Cocaine. Even though it is not as bad as alcohol while your brain is forming between the ages 0 to 25 marijuana can harm the process.

Friday, May 11, 2018

sports night

Sports night was a day where p.s116 and mohawk day camp. They had in the gymnasium grades k-2 up on the top floor it had grades 3-5. The Gymnasium had imagination station and a bunch 0f small games. On the top part they had something called gaga where you have to smack the balls and youcan’t let it touch your legs. It also had archery and well it was archery.

When you go to the older kids area there are two games you can play. Gaga and archery. And while Gaga requires sharp reflexes archery requires precision when aiming. It's up to you what games to play, what order to play them in and when to play them. This part of the article will tell you what your experience will be like if you decide to go to the archery booth.

Rules for Archery
  • First of all, there is a line that you can not cross.
  • You could shoot your arrow 3 times. Then you have to go to the back of the line if you want to play more.

Gaga Pit
The rules of game is when you smack the ball and try not to let the dodge balls not touch your legs. If you hold the ball your technically cheating. After awhile it began
to rain so we had to replace the imagination station with gaga.

K-2 Activities
They had imagination station and small board games activities.

Spring fair

In the previous years the spring fair has been an amazing experience for this year it was even more spectacular than in the previous years. They had a bouncy house, carnival games, face painting, and a cupcake table, which all had the crowds best interest at heart. This year student council set up a booth for families.They will be collecting slightly used clothing for shelters.



Dunk tank


Bouncy House

Face painting

Carnival games and more

By : Noah S. and Andres R.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Bide a wee

By:Wyatt,Henry,Spencer and Noah

 Bide a Wee is scottish for “stay a little while” And that is just what animals do before they get adopted. Bide a Wee is a animal shelter that needs to draw attention to their shelter, they do this by holding a drawing competition. The winner getting a gift card to dave and busters. I think Bide a Wee dog shelter is trying to draw more attention to their company by getting the local schools involved. The lucky winner of this competition is Valentina K.!!!

Students perspectives: Henry. J

Although i did not enter the Bide a Wee drawing contest, I know for a fact that they will be giving out prizes for the winner of the drawings. Like a $25 dollar Dave and Busters gift card. And Bide a Wee does not think of killing animals they keep them until somebody takes one of the animals.                   
Student perspectives:Wyatt. L

The Bide a wee contest has a potential winning of a Dave and Busters $25 gift card .I also believe in bide a wee thoughts.But if you keep them in a cage for so long they might get depressed.Also you might take a dog or cat from other dog shelters because they kill animals. A little thing they could add is that they could make the winner get a animal from Bide a Wee for free or they could make the gift card worth more money.

Student Perspectives: Spencer P.

Student Council recently went on a trip to Bide a Wee and played with the animals there. Student council says: “In other news, our very own Valentina K ‘s drawing was one of the winners of the Bide A Wee drawing contest! She was one of the 5 people to win the contest 

Student perspective: Noah S.

To me bit a wee dog shelters drawing competition was a amazing way to draw attention to the dog shelter. I love how they encouraged kids to be creative and artistic, and to draw attention to themself.

Location:410 E 38th St, New York, NY 10016

Friday, April 20, 2018

Read Ahead

Read Ahead (power lunch) is when kids and adults from the community come and read together at lunch time. Read Ahead started 27 years ago in 1991 when two people wanted to help the school. The adults in Read Ahead like it because they can teach the kids how to read more and write more. Read Ahead started in P.S.116 and now spread to 16 other elementary schools and 1000 students. I am one of those 1000 students. Read Ahead also has 1200 mentors. My mentor likes to read and write with me and like to read and write with him. Ms. Roxanne is the head of Read Ahead in this school. She says she thinks Read Ahead is great and all the students and mentors are great.


Friday, March 23, 2018

Gun Control

Gun control here in the U.S.A. is weak. It only takes 15 minutes and you can get your hands on a gun in Colorado. Only an instant background check, barely anything. Other countries such as Japan and Australia made guns almost impossible to get when a shooting occurred, they went door to door just to take the guns that people should not have. They did not want anything bad to happen so they did not want to take chances. We should have stronger gun control. We should maybe change the age limit, ban auto or semi-auto weapons or have magazine limits, to protect us from shootings but still respect the nation’s second amendment. Also, there should be gun licenses that you must have there should be monthly checkups. In other places you need and a reason and doctors note making sure you’re mentally stable, the U.S.A. should make more of these laws.

We talked to the principal of P.S.116 Ms. Hsu about the security systems in schools to prevent unwanted visitors from entering. There is a risk these days that someone can walk into a school with a harmful weapon. We spoke about certain ideas such as a school officer checking bags that visitors bring in to make sure they are not carrying any harmful weapons. And possibly their bag being held by an officer while they are in the building. It would also be important for them to let the school know before they come and that they verify who they are and are a recognized in person. Even though the officers check picture IDs and write them down, it won’t prevent form shootings. Another helpful step would be that workers and parents of the students have a card that must be checked to show they are part of the school. We think all of these steps can help prevent school shootings and make our communities safer.

As a community P.S. 116 has decided to read a picture book. The idea behind it, Ms. Hsu says is that we get to have a discussion about gun control and school shootings and at the same time it is appropriate for all ages. While we fully understand Ms. Hsu ideas and concerns but, we think that we should’ve been able to do something bigger. The government said that all elementary age kids have to be signed out by a parent so, we couldn’t do the walkkout as a school but, we still could’ve done something bigger. We should’ve done something that would raise awareness and show respect to the lives taken by school shootings.

Q: What do you think about school shootings/what should we do about it?
A: Any time there is violence it is just bad to hear about

Q: What should we do about these problems/how can we take action?
A: if the world was more caring and loving maybe the world would be a better place

In conclusion I think there all are many steps we can take to prevent these school shootings and to make much tighter Gun Laws. We all must come together to stand up as one and stop these problems. Go out and get your voice heard.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Book Fair

By Spencer P., Noah S. and Manuja W.

By Noah S.
The book fair is an amazing and educational event for everyone to enjoy. The book fair also shows children that reading is a very fun and entertaining topic. This event is held in the gym of PS 116. The book fair also encourages kids to read. When i got a book from the bookfair I read for two hours straight reading it. I wasn’t the only one enjoying that book. My younger brother, Aaron loves this book and just started to read it. This shows how not only one person can enjoy a good book. My brother also bought me a book that I love and cherish. This shows that a book can bring more happiness than you can imagine. Also check out the following pieces Potluck and Boo Bash.

A Student's Experience By Manuja W.
I think the book fair is a very good experience for me and the other students. The book fair is a time people get to buy book from the school. The kids have to bring money to buy the books but the teacher gave the money to some kids. This will create a fair experience for those who couldn’t bring money. But it will give you the spirit to read lots and lots of books. Kids really like the book fair because it gives you the opportunity to meet famous writers. Even get advice from them!

The Opening Night By Spencer P.
The Book Fair always opens with a performance by fifth grade Chorus (which is always great,) which was awe-inspiring considering it was their first performance. It felt like the final performance Chorus sings at gradiatuation. A very strong opening.

The rest of your Book Fair Opening Night experience is up to you. You can buy books, get book advice, or learn about comics. It’s one of of the many PS 116 events that you can choose what to do. And that's what we're trying to get at with these articles. The point of an event isn’t to be “perfect” it's to be as good as it can and to entertain. And reader, I leave you on that.

-Spencer, Noah and Manuja

Apple: Slowing Down Batteries

On December 28, 2017, Apple wrote a letter to their customers apologizing for the “misunderstanding”. Apple had slowed down older phones in what seemed like an effort to sell newer iPhones. This caused a large global spark because Apple is a huge and trusted technology company. Apple being caught in this drama is for sure not in the regular. Although, other technology companies have used tactics like this to increase sales, this is a first for the company worth more than 100 billion dollars, Apple. With the aftermath of Apple slowing down older phones on January 17, the Chief Executive of Apple announced that Apple will soon be releasing a new IOS update letting users choose if they would like to have more significant speed on their device or battery life. Apple also said that turning off the performance throttling could tax your battery and have your phone shut down unexpectedly. Apple says the update is coming soon. Many apple users were upset about not having control over the performance of their device which sparked lots of lawsuits against Apple worldwide. Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple, says “Maybe we weren't clear. We deeply apologize to those who thought we had a different motivation.” Cook also tried to put down the ideas that they tried to slow down old phones to make people buy new models. Apple is reducing the price of new batteries from $79 to $29 It seems as though Apple is handling this situation very well and there was a big misunderstanding as they stated.